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Check out my new Comedy News page! -

A daily updated list of links to 50 recent articles and videos that I think can help you grow your fanbase and keep up with what’s happening in the comedy industry.

Jun 26

20 Things Comedians Should See This Week

Jun 23

10 Things Comedians Wish Somebody Told Them When They Started Comedy -

Over on my Facebook page a few days ago I asked readers what one thing they wished somebody would have told them when they first started doing comedy. There were lots of great answers, but I thought I’d share some of the more interesting ones here in case you missed them.

May 20

27 Things Comedians Should See This Week -

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Jan 02

The 5 Comedians Most Likely To Become The Louis CK Of 2012

Dec 29

The 20 Most Popular Articles On Connected Comedy This Year -

It’s been a pretty amazing year for Connected Comedy and I thank all of you for your attention and for helping to spread the word about the site. I’ve published more than 150 articles this year featuring all kinds of different advice for comedians, and I thought I’d take a moment to share with you what have been the 20 most popular articles on the site this year.

Here they are with some excerpts…

Dec 19


Dec 17

Dec 13

Why The Most Important Things You Can Learn From Louis CK Have Nothing To Do With His Act -

Louis CK is wrapping up what has likely been the best year of his career and it’s unlikely you’ll find any comedian that isn’t impressed with his stand up act.

However, if you’re looking to Louis as a role model, the most valuable lessons you can learn from his success actually have nothing to do with what he does on stage. Rather, you’ll be best served by paying attention to how Louis has handled the business side of his career, because it’s those things that can (and should) influence what you do in your career.

Here’s a few reasons why I believe Louis has found so much success…